Small…Too Small Trouts in Stream – Aki River, Tokyo

2009/6/1 Small…Too Small Trouts in Stream – Aki River, Tokyo

I just acquired my new 3wt rod, Tiemco J-Stream 793-4 with medium action suting to handle senstive tippets, which I wanted so bad to try out in the field. My monday schedule was open too, so I jetted to Akikawa River in the suburb of Tokyo.

South Akikawa River – Tributary of Akikawa River

South Akikawa River flows in the deep valley where I had trouble walking down, so I decided to fish only the first few kilometers from the junction between north and south rivers.

First, it took me sometime to get used to the new fly rod and fly line, then once I got used to it, I see fish rising for my fly with splash, but no hook was set on #14 CDC Thorax Dun for about 4th trial. I changed the fly to #18 CDC Thorax Dun then…


SPLASH! I caught the first fish. Well… Fish turned out to be very very small. I caught 3 yamame in about first 2km from the junction between north and south river, but they were pretty much all in the same small size… Then all the sudden, water became murky due to the construction work upstream, so I moved to upstream location for another trial. I caught another 2 yamame pretty much in the same baby size… By the time, it was noon already, so I decided to stop fishing in this river and take my lunch.

Downstream of Youzawa River, Tributary

I parked my car in the parking at Jurigi, prepared my noodle lunch, then looked down on the junction between main stream Akikawa River and its tributary, Youzawa River. I saw series of splashing fish right at the junction. I burst the noodle into my stomach and headed down to the river.  Careful natural drift of #18 Parahcute Peacock yielded…


Dark chub… This gave me some hope in pursuing the tiny stream of Youzawa, so I moved on for about a 1km for research. I caught another 3 chubs and saw a brown colored slender trout jumped for my fly without successful hook set. Probably iwana char. The rest of time, I saw only school of dace and dark chubs, so I left the stream early and headed home.


Not bad, in terms of walking experience, but not too productive for the catch of yamame.

– Under age cherry salmons x 5
– Dark chubs x 3

Rod&Line Feel

BTW, J-stream 793-4 with matching Ultra 4 J-stream was pretty awsome for keeping wider loop and long tippet under control. My suitable zone was 12ft taper leader + 6ft the most.

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