Shore Game for Small Fish: Misaki, Kanagawa

2009/8/5 Shore Game for Small Fish: Misaki, Kanagawa


I went out with my cousin for brief fishing in the afternoon. We found a good looking inlet near Misaki Harbor, so my cousin took out his sabiki tackle and I took out my 6wt with floating line.

As my cousin placed his chumming rig on upstream of the current, I tied my micro X fly and put it on natural drift and fall. I spotted mullet, baby size black porgy, and bay anchovy; but none actively biting on fly.

Then I managed to catch new speci, Japanese surfperch (Ditrema temmincki), in 14cm. Almost no fighting whatsoever, and I had to release it quickly as it showed a sign of fatality.


– Japanese surfperch, 14cm

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