Run & Gun Day 2 – Western to Southern Izu

2009/10/12 Run & Gun Day 2 – Western to Southern Izu


Hama-san and I got up about 5:00 for morning game, but felt the water temperature lower than last night. In addition to that, there were people preparing for netting the whole beach which was absolutely the end of fishing on this very spot.


So we went back to our run & gun again in the southern part of Izu Penninsula. Irouzaki, Yumigahama, and Shimoda. I was more camping than fishing by this hour.

No fish came close to my fly except kind puffers. These buggers always find my fly and play around. Nice to have them around sometimes…

Another scene coming close to catching something was when I found this wondering porcupine fish in canal. Poor creature was having difficulties swimming about, so I let him be without bothering with my heary hook.


– No fish whatsoever
– Nice hours being out – priceless

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