One Day Fly Fishing Boot Camp

2009/11/29 One Day Fly Fishing Boot Camp

I took Takeshi, a learner, to Fish On! Shishidome fishing park in Yamanashi today. Eager learner he truly is who has bought 6wt Sage fly rod and reel and Simms wears for his debut. To meet his great eagerness and expectation, as inducer, I vowed to put as much as possible in his first day and at the same time make sure he makes his first catch on fly as he intended. As tough it may turn out to be, as truthfully effective as his skill will be.


After intensive morning lesson for casting and presentation, I took Takeshi to where he wanted to be: a river full of fish.


Reading water and making simple approach on foot. Casting fly line and presenting fly to fish. Every bit he learnt in the morning, he recreated firmly. Every feedback he got from what went right and what went wrong, he dealt with determination. Intensive hours passed by… then…


Moment of truth! Takeshi’s first trout caught on dry fly which was cast and presented thoroughly as he intended. After successfully learning hooking the fish on strike and landing it, he’s got his first trophy rainbow trout.

On the way back home, he learned grinner knot and double grinner knot for him to be able to tie a leader to his fly and tie 2 lines together. He has made his day. Gosh, it was hard day for both of us!

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