Island Game Part 2-B: Bise, Okinawa

2009/12/29 Island Game Part 2-B: Bise, Okinawa

After being completely beaten up at Kourijima, I dashed to the point I researched in Bise, north west end of Okinawa island. It turned pretty warm by the hour I got to the location, so I chose nice wading game for this occasion.


This is a unique location where 2 coral lagoons meet in small junction. Kind of location I fished and had good time in other island such as Hawaii’s big island for trevallies. Beautiful place it really was, so no wonder this was favorite spot for many others.


I kept catching cornet fish one after another.


This was the 6th cornet fish I caught and the largest at 89cm. The “longest” fish I ever caught on fly.

Then disaster struck… I was so into fishing and didn’t realize that I was eventually dragging my camera in water… My luck kept on and I finally caught small Taman or spangled emperor in 24cm, but my camera was pretty much dead by then. It wasn’t picture of fish that made me regret, but the beautiful sunset I couldn’t capture on my camera on this breathtakingly beautiful spot on earth.

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