Island Game Part 2-A: Kourijima, Okinawa

2009/12/29 Island Game Part 2-A: Kourijima, Okinawa

So I had one small fish on freezing cold wading game. I felt like it wasn’t fair on my end, so I chose next game for bigger fish without wading. My wife granted me 2x 4 hour fishing session for this day, so I set out with my two-handed shooting tackle to Kourijima Island, small island connected by bridge where I encountered good size trevally last time.


I couldn’t wait for the excitement, so I left the hotel in the dark and started my fishing from dawn this time. I positioned myself on top of jetty facing the channel. Not the best position for I still had to cast beyond pile of tetrapods, but my two-handed shooting tackle should do the trick.


I saw a game fish blitzing in the middle of channel way beyond my two-handed fly tackle. As light gets brighter, I noticed that there were many small baitfish escaping into this small island.


I don’t know how many times I casted to the passing game fish, but none showed any sign of interest on my streamer or popper. I got couple of strikes by needlefish, but hook just didn’t penetrate the hard skin in their mouth. Lure anglers on the same jetty was casting popper and pencil bait, but they couldn’t get any bite either.

When it got brighter, I confirmed that trevallies were already gone and there were only needlefish. I packed up and headed for second location I saved for the afternoon game.

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