Dry Fly on C15-B – Uratanzawa, Kanagawa

2009/4/9 Dry Fly on C15-B – Uratanzawa, Kanagawa

As I was granted to have the whole Wednesday off after taking my son to nursery, I drove to Northern Tanzawa for easy dry fly game. My wader was totally covered by mold due to leaving it without cleaning for 6 months… so I chose Uratanzawa Stream Fishing Area where I could go after rainbow, cherry salmon, and char without stepping into water. After 90 minutes of highway speed with 2 Nine Inch Nails album, I reached soothing stream in quiet moutains. Cozy strem running on the bottom of rocky valley was great scenery.

Then I paid for fishing permit, parked my car, and I was all set in front of fishery known as “Yamame Classic I” where I don’t have to wade to fish. There were couple other fly fishers already in action, so I went all the way downstream to start the half day. I wanted to try arranged fly patterns tied on Gamakatsu’s C15-B , which gives both stability in positioning the fly and higher appearance, so I decided to use only dry fly.


Parachute Extended Adams on C15-B

C15-B doesn’t leave much horizontal area to tie the body of dry fly, so I tie with exteded body with “Aero Dry Wing”, material used for wing post which I painted in the designated color with pen. Original is tied as “Throught Light Dun” by Tetsuya Okamoto.

C15-B offers plenty of space to build wing post and hacle winding, so you can make relatively high floating parachute pattern. Hook works as wide gape, so it will catch swift move of trout trying to snatch it off surface.

Parachute Emerger on C15-B

This is probably what this hook is best at. The whole curved section could submerge leaving the top part stay afloat with hackle and parachute wing post. This is highly effective when trouts are under caution for anything floating too high.

Parachute Grifith’s Gnat

This is pretty much similar to parachute emerger above except it does not have body made with pheasant tail and it has replaced hackle with grizzly cock. I haven’t tried this in summer time yet, but I suspect this pattern can supplement terrestrials.

Flies in Action

My routine in dry fly for the past 5 years are 1) parachute adams, 2) emerger, and 3) Grifith’s gnat between #14-18 in Japanese streams. With C-15B arrangement on 2 and 3 with natural presentation carefully attained, I got great results. 10 cherry salmons, 3 white-spotted chars, and many raibows. And the greatest of all, this was a result in broad day light!

I may consider to arrange other patterns with C-15B and I will return with full coverage of arragend patterns.

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