Cruising Day / Night Game – Yokohama Bay

2009/1/12 Cruising Day / Night Game – Yokohama Bay

I got to the new location Pallas is docked around 2pm and joined with Captain Shikanai and Miyata-san, pirates of Yokohama. We sailed out to Yokohama Bayside Marina, shopping outlet – marina complex, for beer and dinner before the night game.

I’ve been to YBM with friends and family for many occasions, but never visited from ocean with 2 well-known pirates! As Miyata-san insisted on landing with his fishing equipment, I begged him not to for it was quite like raiding a town so peaceful:)

Then we had good time with beer exchanging fishing talks and plans for our destination X for couple of hours, then we sailed out into dark bay of Yokohama around 5pm.

0901112 Miyata-san caught the first catch, 51.5cm sea perch
Miyata-san caught the first rock fish, under 20cm

I caught the first pech of the year at 45cm

I caught the first Mebaru under 20cm
I caught mebaru at 20.4cm and 20.0cm

Miyata-san caught mebaru at 22.3cm

0901113 23:00 we returned to the dock

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