Research Trip to Katsuura

2008/7/1 Research Trip to Katsuura

Tokyo Fly Fishing and Country Club (TFFCC) members’ first trip to open water was quite a tough one which covered almost all the major ports in Southern Chiba. Attacking 6 ports and 7 species in 18 hours, there is no doubt that we didn’t prepare ourselves to concentrate on each fish. Well… we can make so much excuse: “hook was too small”, “tide was too slow”, “fish were too fast”… but the ending result was we caught nothing other than puffers and good laughs. Good laughs were pretty much what we needed to get by our hard days, so be it!



Ports Visited:

– Kominato Port
– Kawatsu Port
– Katsuura Port
– Ohara Port
– Okitsu Port
– Chikura Port
– Otohama Port

Fish Sighted:

– Anchovy
– Jack
– Puffer
– Blackfish
– Sea Perch
– Mullet
– Amberjack






Our Score:

– Puffer x 4

Just millions of puffers! Shallow, deep, clear, muddy… doesn’t matter. They were just everywhere! Amberjack just looked at shrimp fly, anchovis only bit our flies without getting hooked, and mullet ignored or fled from our flies…

Ending Summary

We gotta return to this site for revenge. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS!!

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