Jewel of Mountain Stream

2008/11/3 Jewel of Mountain Stream

P1010233 Allan, visiting fly fisher from Pennsylvania, and I went out to Shalom Forest for yamame and iwana game. Allan had a passion to meet Japanese mountain trouts after he saw streams of Nikko, so the choice was to try yamame and stream who are both as native as possible.

Hey Riding Trails!

First thing after arrival, river keeper took us around streams inside Sharom Forest to guide where were the primary spots, and we enjoyed the thrilling hey ride of speeding truck on narrow trail. We met another guest: Mr. Nakamura who were heading all the way upstream with moutain bike to get back to entrance.  Downhill biking? Mmmm that sounds exciting too. I should try that some day.

P1010244Sensitive Stream

We spotted both iwana and yamame on streams we passed by, however, there were no sign of rising fish taking thing on surface once we started stalking on stream. I’ve heard that fish of Sharom were tough due to repeating catch & release, but it was more than I imagined. Probably little thougher than actual native stream I usually fish in Nagano.

Only few fish surfaced, but none were taking what was hatching: small mayfly. As sun became high, they stayed eating something floating right underneath the surface which we couldn’t see. Not in mood for solving the puzzle, we kept on with dry flies of various sizes.

P1010243 Princess’ Reply

As condition stayed tough, Allan kept on presenting para-adams #18 aside obstacles, and finally the jewl of stream answered to his passion. Truly native daughter hatched within a year or so jumped out of her safe hiding and took a bite on Allan’s fly. It is about 10cm or so, but she was true beauty.

It became the only fish caught today for Mr. Nakamura and I had zip. Allan is a member of Trout Unlimited, so this little trout probably showed her respect to visiting guardian?

Second Day of Allan

I had to drive back to Tokyo to attend my son’s athletic meeting, but Allan stayed for the second day. He caught 2 yamame after figuring out presentation to downstream like long time yamame fiher with #18 para adams. True trout hunter adopts to any condition or location!

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