Inshore Night Game – Yokohama Bay

2008/7/18 Inshore Night Game – Yokohama Bay

TFFCC members went out to Yokohama to play out the night fly fishing on the guide boat, Pallas FGS. Capt. Shikanai, dedicating fly fisher who seeks out sailfish on his spare time, guided us nicely on the best way to catch sea perch on a fly.

The game opened up with 20cm rock fish I caught and 35cm sea perch Kenji caught which  wasn’t quite a start we expected. Captain’s guidance helped us to excel in learning this game quickly, then we both landed a satisfactory fish of the night.


Kenji caught his record 63 cm sea perch on clauser deep minnow. is sharp cast into the dark corner with right fly that splashes and sinks quickly to where fish is did this wonderful work. He caught sries of sea perches between size 35-63cm.


My catch and record. 50cm sea perch on EP peanut butter. I caught 2 rock fish in 20’s and series of sea perches between 35-50cm.

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