Inshore Early Morning Game, Yokohama Bay

2008/7/30 Inshore Early Morning Game, Yokohama Bay

It started as a late night trial on Pallas FGS (Capt. Shikanai-san) with Kawasaki Sansui’s Urabe-san and his rookie guest: Iwama-san. We, the party of 3, were supporsed to leave dock at 22:00, but the thunder storm with heavy rain which hit the entire Kanto area put us on a hold until midnight.


I got the first sea perch of the night which didn’t turn out to be any larger than 30cm, seigo-class. Then both Urabe-san and I got series of hits, but all by small fish. 

Iwama-san was having hard time casting heavy 8wt flyline into the wind with distance attempt, but he got his first catch of fish in the sea which commemorated his night and our objectives to welcome new members to oceanic fly fishing.

Well… I didn’t particularly fill mine which was supporsed to nail 70cm ranker class sea perch, but I caught sea perches 30-35cm x 5. Not very nice, but they were ok.


Floating Line & Minnow Game

Night has passed, and Pallas took us to floating day game trial. The game requires floating line and floating minnow pattern which you must cast into the wall or literally hitting it! After floating minnow bounces back onto the water surface, it will keep the flyline tightly parallel to the wall. You mend the line with roll cast, thus sending enough line by the wall to keep the minnow swimming steady and slow.

For actual tactics, please see:

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