Inshore Day/ Night Game – Yokohama Bay

2008/8/9 Inshore Day/ Night Game – Yokohama Bay

P10100632nd run for Kenji who just acquired G.Loomis double-hand surf rod and 3rd run for me with Pallas F.G.S.

Game started at 17:00, and we headed out first to try the daylight surface game with floating minnow. The game require accuracy cast presenting your fly and leader within few inches from the wall. You miss the wall by an inch, your fly would spook the large one and attract only curious small size perches whose bites are quite short.

20080809014838Kenji, a good Jedi, got his 51cm catch with his mighty presentation skill. I didn’t catch any on day game, but one short bite and few spooked fish.

After the sunset, we headed out to our regular points, but all fish appeared were seigo-class. Kenji tested out his brand new rod and had good time. I suffered a curse of small sizes since the last game and at the end of the night, my Nautilus reel broke at the foot.

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