Inshore Boat Game, Yokohama Bay / Tokyo Bay

2008/10/11 Inshore Boat Game, Yokohama Bay / Tokyo Bay

Kenzie, Eddy, and I got together on Friday night in Yokohama to drink up until our boat game departing from nearby dock. We got pretty drank and

Copy_p1040858Eddy’s Try Out

The trip’s main course was to let Eddy, novice game fisher, to catch his first sea perch. Tuna boat we tried last time was little too tough, so we were expecting to have nice game this time.

Boil! Boil! Boil!

The game started with floating game against structure, then captain took us to the point where sea perches were boiling against bait fish. There were boils everywhere, and captain and Kenzie casted lures as teaser to keep the perches interested on surface. It worked out pretty much, and Eddy managed to catch his first sea perch in 40’s cm.

I casted my secret weapon, "Iwai Popper", naming after Iwai Minnow, which has severed head shape like popper fly to make big disturbance on surface. The problem was… I didn’t tie my fly well, so after catching 2 fish, it broke. After casting hard, it broke. How I hated that I had been a lazy fly fisherman all these years, and I did miss catching good size which captain said at leas 70cm on surface game as well.

P1040864Preparation is mother of good fishing, and the largest I caught was 52cm, but Kenzie with good preparation managed to catch the largest on fly that day, 56cm on his brushed up Iwai Minnow. Kenzie has been working on improvement on floating pattern, so it pretty much paid off and he caught almost every fish surfaced out on his flies.

I’m definitely buying one from his collection on next trip! At last, I realized the neccessity to get little more serious on this game, if I wanted to yield better result and renew my record.

P1040871Lure Game off Haneda Airport

After hyping out with boiling sea monsters, captain took us all the way to river mouth near Haneda Airport which is highly known ranker point for lure fishing. I remember a friend of mine caught 92cm in the same point few years ago, so I was expecting to meet monster on my fly rod.

Well… there are big perches actively chasing…. lures only. They did not show any interest in floating or sinking flies. I gave up in the middle and switched to my spinning tackle. After casting out Range Vibe for 5 times, I got a heavy bite on the lure.


Captain’s Fish!

Captain Shikanai was showing us how to attack the point with spinning tackle…. and he caught the moster sea perch at 85cm! Damn that fish so big. Kenzie who assisted the catch hesitated twice before landing it into the net for its mere size.

Fully grown sea perch is a specie well accounted for, and they await your challenge in the water of Tokyo.

Team Result

– Sea perch on fly: 56cm, Kenzie
– Sea perch on lure: 85cm, Capt. Shikanai

My Result

– Sea perches: 42-52cm
– Sea perch on lure: 65cm

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