75cm Sea Perch! – Night Game, Yokohama Bay

2008/11/29 75cm Sea Perch! – Night Game, Yokohama Bay

P1150106 Kenzie and I went out oboard Pallas FGS for winter night game to seek out ranker size sea perch. During this time of year, band of grown sea perches make their one last meal before they head to the deep where they spawn.

Boat headed to the destination X where ranker size perches are resting and ambushing for anything incoming. They hide in dark just beyond the lit are, so the game is to hit the shade and attract them to bite streamer.

P1150103After a while, 60cm perch jumped out of dark and took the bite, then I finally renewed my personal record. Then the surprise went on that I finally caught 75cm fully grown sea perch. Kenzie renewed his record with 66cm perch.

The rooster for big fish continued with my 64 and 67cm perches and Kenzie’s 62 and 65cm. Captain described it as ‘bubbly night’, and it surely was!


Sea perches: 60 – 75cm

Private Record Breaker
– 60cm -> 75cm

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