Cold Lake – Lake Ashino, Kanagawa

2007/11/29 Cold Lake – Lake Ashino, Kanagawa


I could have picked any other occasion, but I wanted to give it a try. So I jumped on my car and drove all the way to Lake Ashino. By the time I got to the boathouse, there was wind constantly blowing, not many boats on lake, and sky was dark. Perfect condition that lowers trout’s sensitivity.


But before even thinking about fishing, I had to deal with myself constantly trembling. Temperature was near zero in air which was further lowered by the wind blow. I could have given this game up, but had my Jetboil stove with me which provided me hot water for coffee and noodle. My face hurt in chill.


Despite the advantage, no sign of fish on surface. I kept casting for 2 hours with no sign whatsoever. Then when I pass along big rock on coast, I saw a small sign of school of fish disturbed by something. I knew that was the only chance. I put my faith in 5wt with type 2. “Come on fish. Come on fish…”


Then the moment of truth. Nice fat 35cm rainbow trout whose belly is full of skulpins. Lucky I was already full of noodle and feeling rather going straight to hot tab than cooking. I released the fish and let him mind his business.

I looked back the picture and I still see nice juicy trout steak…