Open Season with New Camp Gear – River Mitsugase, Yamanashi

04 Mar Open Season with New Camp Gear – River Mitsugase, Yamanashi

I just registered my company a day before this day when I had to drive to a campsite to shoot photography for the outdoor product my company trades. There happens to be a site with small river running by, so I threw tent and gears in the back of my car to head for Doshi No Mori Campsite in Yamanashi only 100 minutes away from Shibuya.img_1007

After pitching Outwell’s base camp tent, I noticed a movement in the nearby stream. I usually don’t open trout season outside of Tokyo, but what the hell, this looked like a good place to do open season after I get done with my business.


Then I had to drive to nearby Michi No Eki aka roadside station to get internet connection to finish doing day’s work. By the time I got back to the tent, it was pitch dark, but I brought 4 enevu CUBE mini LED lanterns to light up the interior.


One hanged upside down provides plenty of light for cooking while one lit as ambient light provided comfort. Then after finish cooking dinner, I brought the set to the dinner table.


Which is pretty bright and very useful for living room. As a matter of fact, I could tie my #18 fly I was going to use for fishing.


I had to do something to lid of lonely atmosphere being inside big tent next to river. I used all 4 enevu CUBE in colour changing mode, then I had my own live stage!


Then next morning I had 3 hours to do the first trout fishing of 2016 only a 15 seconds away from my bed.


River Mitsugase is only a small tributary of River Doshi, but I saw plenty of streamborn cherry salmons.


Native means they survive by adopting to the nutrition level of the stream. So this fish being the largest catch of this day is still something to celebrate about thanks to the nature.


Cherry salmon x 4