Isles of Tokyo – Day2: Mikura Island & Miyake Island

2010/10/8 Isles of Tokyo – Day2: Mikura Island & Miyake Island

Did Poseidon turn angry on us? Did we do anything improper to upset the island diety? Ocean turned very rough when we got to the port around 5am. Big wave after big wave was washing the main pier and we were absolutely not allowed to enter there…


I couldn’t give in not to try casting to open end, so I did what I could from the safe ground, but only catching 2 amberjacks just as the same size as the day before.

Inside the port changed completely and now only one spot was making turbulence. It was a product of incoming tide and wave leaking through the crevice of the dike, so my best bet was this turbulence mean the highest concentration of oxygen thus attract many fish in it. I’ve tried few cast and had a strike, so I passed on to Hama-san who proved it right by catching 2 trevallies and 1 amberjack as great reward:) Now all 3 of us came with fish, but one thing remained yet undone: big game from the pier.


Then it turned all clear and dry near noon! We checked out the camp sight and moved everything ready for the leaving ferry, and weather cleared and we had go on the pier. At the edge of the pier where current hit was a world of deep blue water as far as eye could see. Wind was blowing very hard and none of us could stand firm, so I only tried few times of casting into the rapid current of open water. I felt the power of Mikura nature on every retrieve I made on my reel, but no fish answered. Chance for big game was over quickly.


But then there came a chance of sight fishing. School of 2kg amberjacks kept approaching the pier attracted by another angler’s chum shrimp. I had to make decision for if I successfully hook one fish, I get to keep the whole school staying to give equal chance to my team mate. My lure spooked them little, and they ignored my streamer no matter how small it was. Then the announcement of ferry coming, sight fishing game was over too.


Now familiar, Salvia Maru picked us up for our next destination: Miyake Island.


Good bye Mikura. We’ll come back some other time to further experience your greatness.


Then we landed Miyake Island by the harbor of Sabigahama where we passed by familiar faces from ferry from Tokyo. Andy managed to catch brassy trevally on soft lure, but Hama-san and I caught nothing this day. I’ve tried my #18 maggot fly which usually yield easy result, but the fish on Miyake refused it with a glance.


We had cheerful Yakitori at small restaurant to appreciate the taste of proper cooking, went for 15 minutes quick hot spring before it closed, and parited at harbor with good jokes and good laughs.


Amberjack x 2 on Mikura.
No fish, but good drinks on Miyake.

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