Isles of Tokyo – Day 3: Miyake Island

2010/10/9 Isles of Tokyo – Day 3: Miyake Island

Miyake Island, 15km north of Mikura Island, holds active volcano whose eruption of 2000 yielded huge amount of volcanic gas mobilized every resident out of the island. Now people have returned to the island for sometimes, but economy and tourism is barely minimal. You could observe trees died from the gas all over the island and you will hear announcement of gas warning quite often.


Tsubota Harbour

So, we started to fish from southern port for less wind to worry about. However, the tide is not so greatly moving into this port other than surface water pushed by strong wind from open area.


My #18 maggot fly welcomed all too familiar guest: puffer. I got a strike from rather larger fish looks like perch, but hook wasn’t large enough to set hook properly.

Okubo Harbour

Then we moved to the port in the north who could hit larger tidal current. Water was blue and clear which is an indication that this port welcomes water of outer ocean. I was quite adamant that I would catch some nice fish, but water temperature was low and no fish was actively chasing my fly. So I changed the tactics to retrieve my fly tightly side of structure, in this case, big rock of the reef.

Bam! Nice pull with familiar action. Another bigeye trevally hiding out in the rock. Not a big fish, but good fight of few minutes for it was escaping back to rock washed by wave.
I cast lure to outer ocean, but only got bite from another trevally. Hook of old lure broke and fish was gone.


Port Sabigahama

We moved on to Sabigahama once again, but none of the fish was attracted by our lure or fly. We called the game off at 11am to pack up, return rent-a-car, and to take flight back home.

Miyakejima Airport

We weren’t certain if we could successfully fly away, then we found ourselves lucky again and plane left the island right on time.


After all these trips, we never had a good chance for big game in both Mikura and Miyake, and the weather wasn’t all too pretty. But we did return with enough results of “ultra light” game. Both island holds great potential for bluewater fly fishing, but sight fishing in shallow is yet unknown. Need to revisit this case when opportunity for big game opens some other time.

Results on Fly on Miyake Island

Grass puffer x 1: 6cm…
Bigeye trevally x 1: 21cm

Total Catch by Lure & Fly: 12 fish

Bigeye trevally x 6 on original candy flies
Amberjack x 4 on metal jig
Needlefish x 1 on metal jig
Grass puffer x 1 on maggot fly