Fly Fishing in the Rivers of Hong Kong

2014/6/20 Fly Fishing in the Rivers of Hong Kong

I went out for fishing with Hama-san, our leading member currently living in Hong Kong,  in the last 2 days of my personal business trip.
New Territories hold 90% of Hong Kong’s landmass yet it only hosts 50% of its population leave this area very good choice for fly fishing.

The Trip 1: Tarpon & Carp in Plain River

On 20 June, Hama-san took me out for Ng Tung River near the border between Hong Kong and Mainland China for tarpon & carp.
I have caught baby Atlantic tarpon many years ago in Florida on spinner, but this is my first time to catch Pacific tarpon on fly.



Later on that river, I spotted a big fish feeding drifting baby fish or damselfly. I changed the presentation from stripping to drifting then I caught this 12lb carp.


The Trip 2: Chubs in Mountain Rivers

On 21 June, I reunited with Hama-san and head for mountain rivers in New Territories. Main purpose is to catch small carp family fishes on dry fly.





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