Fly-Carping in Urban Stream

2014/5/19 Fly-Carping in Urban Stream

Martyn took me out for an eye-opening experience on fly fishing for carp which was captured into a video that will give you good detail and discovery about sight fishing for carp, which happens to be a very effective method to fish carp in shallow water.

Forum on Carp Flies

Martyn has been updating tying instructions for following carp flies that are very effective:

Zimmerman’s Back Stabber

Carp Crunchy



Fishery & Species

Chiba Prefecture, adjacent to Tokyo, host a water system that are less urbanized in order to provide farming water supply which leaves nesting opportunities for variety of freshwater fish.

Where we went out, I spotted following species: common carp, crucian carp, dace (roach), chub, snakehead, and largemouth bass.




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