Eastern Rises – DVD

2010/12/3 Eastern Rises – DVD

Updating. I just finished watching it.

“There was war going on. Economy was crumbling. Environment was in jeopardy. Good innocent people were suffering all over the world. We had to do something.  Here was our chance to get involved. Our chance to make a difference. But we decided to just go fishing.”

“Eastern Rises”, the latest creation coming from filmmakers: Travis Rummel and Ben Knigt who presented “Running Down the Man” to hungy community of fly fishing. Film takes you to Russian territory of Kamtschatka where time has stopped for anglers and native run trouts.


I realized how close Kamtschatka from Japan, yet our bitter history with Russia over our northern territory in the WWII casts shadow on my thoughts of fascination. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change the fact this film is beautifully produced and imagery of Kamtschatka took my breath away.

Felt Soul Media


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