Business & Fishing Road Trip Part 2: Western Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka

2016/9/8 Business & Fishing Road Trip Part 2: Western Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka

Camper Shop owner joined me the late night in the carpark. And he was also driving VW T4 Camper Van with a selection of treat beer with great tips on how and what to take care of T4.
Next morning we did business meeting on my campervan office with cuppa Kona Coffee. He was very impressed with enevu LED product and Outwell camping product, so the meeting was very successful with purchase order to follow.

Weather turned stormy, so he took off before lunch time and I pushed onto scout old coastal spot I has fun with Lefty Hama years ago.
Nishina Beach at the end of River Nishina, always a promising spot with some fish in the water. Since I confirmed school of small size big-eye trevally are ashore,
I took my 8wt outfit with streamer.

I spotted wakes of some school moving under, but no sign of predator boiling on surface. I cast EP Minnow for 15 minutes with short bites without any sign of big predator swallowing it as a whole. Fish must be smaller than I thought, so I switched the fly to Mikura Candy then…

Fish turned out to be migrating big-eye trevally in not bad size around here.

Trevally after trevally.

But the largest fish was this just 20cm fish.

I stayed after the school of trevally were gone, but still no sign of blackfin seabass. I took a bath at nearby onsen and waited for a while, but one customer called me for damaged product replacement. So I cut the trip and went back to Tokyo. Perhaps, it’s not good season for adult blackfin seabass to come ashore.




Results & Data: Nishina Beach

  • Fish: Big-eye Trevally x 8, 15-20cm
  • Flies: Mikura Candy #4
  • Line System: 9ft of tapered leader, 3ft of tippet 16lb test
  • Fly Line: Scientific Anglers Striped Bass Intermediate WF8
  • Fly Reel: Tibor Everglades
  • Fly Rod: R.L. Winston Boron II-MX 908-4