Dwayne “Redloco” Morris

2015/9/2 Dwayne “Redloco” Morris

As a kid, I went fishing with my dad in a flat bottom john boat in the local lakes.  We fished for Bluegill and Perch using cane polls and crickets.  Not a bad life for a country boy trapped in the city.  Well at 18 I joined the military and did not fish for a long time.  I am retired now and have two kids of my own.  In 2013, my son asked me to take him fishing in the pond here where we live in Japan.  So I did and it started a whole new chapter in my life, as well as my sons.  This is because, my son wanted to try out every type of fishing he could to include fly fishing.  Well one day in 2013, I picked up his fly rod and tried it.  I have not looked back since.  I gave all my spin rod hear and lures to my son and have been a fly fisher ever since.

I have only been what I call real trout fishing one time.  So I have been trying to fly fish for anything and anywhere I can.  This has lead me to carp, catfish, trout and saltwater fish.  What a blast it has been and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for me.

Welcome the Tokyo Fly Fishing and Country Club.  Stay a while and have a look around.


DA Morris

Tight Lines and Keep it Reel.