Carp is a great fish that can teach you how to fish bottom feeders: fish that constantly search for food hiding in bottom using full senses which not only let him find food, but also alert him with any hint of danger by predators.

How to spot the feeding fish, find what he is feeding on, and get close enough are the task you have to do well before claiming your trophy fish.

Rod & Reel

Single Hand Fly Rod 6 – 8 weight

Fly Line

Floating – slow water

Intermediate – faster river

Leader System

Tippet: 16lb test or 4go

Flies, Lures, and Streamers

Martyn’s Midnight Magic

This pattern is using only few materials and stay effective.


Hook: Gamakatsu S13H Bonefish
Weight: Dumbell eye – pick the size that fits desired sink rate
Body: Chenille
Wing: Marabou

Eagan’s Head Stand

Hook: Gamakatsu S13H Bonefish

Prince of Carp

Hook: Gamakatsu S13H Bonefish

Learn More about – Cynprinidae: carp family fish

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