Tungsten Tube Sinker

18 Jan Tungsten Tube Sinker

Gee Crack’s Soft Tungsten Tube Sinker is a composition of soft rubber and tungsten particle which makes an ideal weight to add to your fly when softness and streamline shaping is required.
Soft Tungsten Tube Sinker comes in:

Weight          Diameter          Length          Qty in a pack
1/4 oz            5.4mm             40mm           3
1/8 oz            4.2mm             35mm           4
1/16 oz           3,0mm            30mm           8

Application 1: Softness in Body

I first tried on offshore soft minnow pattern in which I wanted to use as much softness as possible.

I’ve tied 1/4 oz tube sinker on 2/0 hook in this sample in order to use the shape of tube to create the core for minnow body. Tube sinker is tied with crossings of thread to keep the tension strong enough to hold it in position and soft enough not to cut into the soft tissue of rubber.

Then over dubbing is added to form the core of minnow body which turns into something like…

Application 2: Streamline Shape for Snag-free

Another advantage of flexible tungsten weight is to create heavy sinking fly in more streamline shape than using dumbbell eyes or chain-ball eyes which stick out of fly’s profile and get snagged on coral or rock easily.

In this sample of bottom-bumping turd fly, tungsten soft tube is tied underneath the body wrapped with cactus chenille. This fly is virtually snag-free no matter where you cast at. Combination of offset worm hook, snag guard made by mono filament, and tightly shaped soft tube sinker make an ideal fly which you can really work at bottom.

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