Midge Game

02 Feb Midge Game

I never had much interest in midge dry fly game until last weekend when I went out casting practice with Andy at Tama River where we found thousands of chubs. I caught one on #18 Adams on Andy’s 4wt tackle, but it was too strong for the small fish who flew in the air upon strike. If you play this game with tuned tackle as forefathers say, it may be fun after all.

So, I went for shopping at Urabe-san. Tools to make midge game easier and fun.
Forcep with tight grip, C&F threader for midge size, and #30 hook.

Gamakatsu C12-BM is special midge hook with large eye to help you tie in the field.
Well… that sounds easy, but just look at the size of hook. This is insane!

And this is how you keep things in control. Put midge dry flies into threader, so all you have to do at field is to put tippet through the openings of threader and yank the midge out.

I’m going to tie dozen more to cover for this Saturday morning. Who’s coming?