Tungsten Sinker – Lead Free Fishing

2012/8/29 Tungsten Sinker – Lead Free Fishing

As I was following stories anglers are concerned about the radiation contamination on fish after Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, I wonder what about lead poisoning. Most of the sinker shot are made of lead and you ought to bite on it to keep in place. Bite? Yes, you are putting piece of lead into your mouth and you are potentially feeding fish, birds, and other organism everytime you loose them in water.

Alternative is tungsten whose secific gravity is 19.3, heavier than lead who is 11.34.

Flux Tungsten Soft Sinker

Most robust way is to use tungsten patty sinker and you can put it anywhere on your rig as long as it sticks.

Sunline Ganno-suke II

Shots and patty share a common issue. They both come off line easily. This is a tungsten sinker with thin rubber pipe to keep it in place. Developed for sensitive reef fishing, Ganno-suke II

Size gram
2 0.31g
B 0.55 g
2B 0.75 g
3B 0.95 g
4B 1.20 g

Tungsten Down Shot Sinker

If you are using dropshot rig, then you can go to the smallest dropshot in market.
Reins’ TG Down Shot Sinker comes in sizes 1/32 – 3/8oz. There are ones from Jackall and Zappu who come about the same price.