2014/4/22 Tokyo Crayfish


My first fish caught on my own fly tackle was smallmouth bass in Ramapo River, New York, and the pattern I was using was crayfish. Ever since then, I have tied variety of crayfish patterns that produced result with largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, carp, and even saltwater fish. All that optimized into this simple pattern.

This crayfish uses only 5 materials and easy to tie eyes. You can omit or replace some parts to create patterns fitting to variety of waters.


Hook: Tiemco 9394 #4-6
Eye: Chain ball eye black (lazy) or use monofilament eyes
Antenna: Sili leg
Overbody: EP fiber – tie in at the bend of hook, then after craw-weight are tied, pull back.
Craw: Rabbit zonker strip x 2
Legs: Cock hackle
Underbody: Dubbing
Weight: Dumbell eye medium

When finishing, put a coating on the back formed by EP fiber with epoxy or Clear Cure Goo.

How to Fish

Use floating line or sink tip to produce the best motion, use intermediate only where you know you don’t get the rig snagged.

Cast it with enough lead away from where fish is to minimize the irritation.
Make the first retrieve long and big to create crayfish rapidly swimming away.
Make the slow short pull to mimic when crayfish under attack.
Make the short fast tweak to vibrate its craws.