Super Jiggy – Imitation

2011/6/23 Super Jiggy – Imitation

Jiggy is a must-have choice in surf streamer game, yet the challenge of surf not only requires the best of your reading and physical abilities, but it also requires the best practice of craft. Power of the breaking wave that swirls pebbles and sand creates natural stone-washing machine (used for your favorite blue jeans), and it will turn your fly into the form of living dead, nothing but piece of metal and fiber.


Note that super glue applied to avoid the slip and epoxy applied to keep things together are gone. You can easily avoid this by picking up fly long before hitting breaking wave, but the problem is that predators will likely to strike in the very last moment. This is why you need to tie durable, I mean REALLY durable fly to increase the chance.


Urabe-san of Pro Shop Sansui Kawaki shared me a recipe to use 2 corn heads to form a head than one corn head and epoxy, and that makes his arrangement of Super Jiggy.

Super Jiggy

– Hook: Gamakatsu B10S (made into bend back)
– Head: 2 corn heads to form round head
– Tail: Bucktail white and Craft Fur white
– Under Wing: Craft Fur white and Angel Hair polar ice wrapping around
– Over Wing: Angel Hair baitfish (for blue runners) or Craft Fur olive (for bass)

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