Iwai Minnow Sinking Edition – Imintation

2013/4/16 Iwai Minnow Sinking Edition – Imintation

This is a sinking edition of Iwai Minnow taught by Captain Shikanai of Pallas FGS. Normal edition use closed-cell foam to keep the fly floating high, but this one use yarn instead to reduce the buoyancy to keep it suspending. I tied this example for night fishing without any detail whatsoever, but it worked like a candy to sea perches feeding on bay anchovies. I compared this pattern with actual anchovy spilled out by perch, and they looked exactly the same when wet!



Iwai Minnow (sinking edition)

Very simple… almost non-fly.

– Hook: Gamakatsu B10-S 2/0 for sea perch, #1 for largemouth bass
– Thread: clear monofilament
– Inner Body:  egg yarn white pulled through over body with a threder
– Over Body: mylar tube perl (L, or XL)
– Finish coating: Soft UV resin



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