Iwai Minnow – Attractor

2011/9/19 Iwai Minnow – Attractor

There have been many floating minnow patterns for variety of species, and Iwai Minnow is one of superior evolutionary answer to bass/perch fishing.
It mimics rogue baitfish staying on surface sending pulse to attract predators.

The fact using perl mylar tube for overbody makes this pattern pass as imitation in close encounter in bright day light when fish come really close to inspect what they are attaching.

Iwai Minnow (my arrangement)

My arrangement use Tiemco’s bass bug hook which is made with fine yet strong enough to stand against the fight. Eye is made of light weight ball chain to save time.

– Hook: Tiemco 8089N or 8089 bass bug hook.
– Thread: clear monofilament
– Inner Body:  poly ethylene foam cut in tube shape 6mm diameter for L, 8mm for XL
– Over Body: mylar tube perl (L, or XL)
– Eye: chainball black
– Throat: red synthetic hair (I used EP fiber for above)
– Tail: synthetic hair (I used crystal flash)
– Finish coating: Loon Soft Head

Poly ethylene pipe foam




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