Gartside Gurgler – Attractor

2012/9/20 Gartside Gurgler – Attractor

Late Jack Gartside‘s master work. When Popper creates too much commotion. When Rabbit Skin Zonker doesn’t have any noise. This is the one. And I have so much good fishing with it.

Great advantage of gurgler is that you can tie it in small profile which helps dealing with fish under high pressure or small fish. I often tie one on #14 hook that can catch small sea perch or panfish. If you clip off the tail, then you have large terrestrial fly.

How It Works

You cast it within few feet from the fish. Strip the line to make one good pop and let it stay so that fish can examine before making the final move.

If you’d like to mimic floating rug worm in saltwater, you need to use double-hand stripping.

I’d normally use floating line or intermediate line with this fly, but I have used it on type 4 and that added one more action of “falling” which fish could not resist.

Gartside Gurgler

– Hook: Gamakatsu B10-S or Tiemco 8089N (choose Tiemco for higher float)
– Thread: 1/3 any colour
– Tail: Strips of marabou or rabbit fur
– Body: Dubbing that much its tail colour
– Wing: Strip of EVA foam – tied at eye, over body,  then turned back