Mikura Candy

2014/2/12 Mikura Candy


Bob Popovics invented his “candy” fly patterns while ago, and I think he named it that way for 2 reasons. Epoxy is like candy which you can play with as molten and finishes as solid object. And the pattern works like candy to fish chasing after it.

Based on that, I was developing my own fly pattern that can be tied without complexity, so that I can produce more as I travel. Also, Popovics original pattern didn’t have attracting power when the movement comes to complete stop. In many cases, I saw fish hesitate in last minutes and fly didn’t have any motion left to bring that fish into a bite. So, my pattern ought to have extra motion even at full stop.


After few prototypes, I came up with few ideas. Firstly, body should be created by mylar tube (or something else that has metallic look) with coating on top to make durabale, metallic, and thin shape of that of micro bait fish. Secondly, tail needed to make slinky silhouette when in fast speed, but produce more action when in slow or at stop.

Altogether, my idea resulted in this pattern after one summer learning how small predators chase fly in various retrieval speed. You can strip it fast for darting action then marabou’s soft feather action attract fish when it’s let loose drifting in current.

I took this pattern to my trip to Mikura Island in 2010 and the results was…. trevallies loved it like a candy! Therefore it was named “Mikura Candy”, as simple as that. Later on in the following years up to this point, it has caught bass, carp, sea perches, snappers, and etc. I have caught more fish on this pattern in coastal saltwater than any other in my fly box.

Mikura Candy

– Hook: #4-6 Gamakatsu Bonefish or B10-S
– Thread: Monofilament
– Tail: White marabou and strand of crystal flash
– Wing: Angel Hair holographic silver
– Body: Mylar tube (any colour): you can substitute that with tinsel wrapped around or tin foil
– Coating: Epoxy glue or UV resins (Clear Cure Goo or similar sort)

  • martyn white
    Posted at 00:23h, 05 December

    nice little candies,
    have you tried the new UV cure epoxies? much easier to et the correct shape, and much faster

  • neversink
    Posted at 00:08h, 08 December

    Just got Clear Cure Goo, but haven’t tried one yet.
    What do you tie on it?

  • martyn white
    Posted at 10:52h, 15 December

    i use it for anything i that needs epoxy, surf candies epoxy minows, squid patterns, or epoxy headed baitfish patterns.
    i dont use it for coating poppers or crease flies because you need so much of it

    i really like the flexible for the popovics flex fly too. you can see the video for it tied by bob popovic on youtube

  • martyn white
    Posted at 23:03h, 04 January

    how are you finding the clear cure goo?

  • neversink
    Posted at 22:11h, 07 January

    Having flu since year end trip to southern island, well… now for 12 days.
    No chance to cure yet, but I will on for upcoming patterns for spring trip.
    Use is as glue to hold tungsten weight in place or candy patterns:)

  • martyn white
    Posted at 19:32h, 13 January

    like popovics deep candy?
    sounds good,
    can i mail you pictures of my clear cure flies?
    get well soon, ive been off wirk with flu this week too

    • neversink
      Posted at 08:35h, 22 January

      Thanks, Martyn.

      Sorry for late reply for new year work has been quite hectic.
      Yes, I’d like to see your clear cure flies!

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