Pike Rooster – prototype

2012/12/30 Pike Rooster – prototype

As I was preparing things for upcoming pike fishing, I came across a choice between how big and how light I should tie my fly. It’s got to be big enough to impress pikes to provoke strikes, but it’s got to be light enough so that I can cast at ease.

Martyn White, a member of this club, once showed me his new pattern that forms a bulky fly with fur spreading out. That gave me a hint what if I do the same using Enrico Puglisi fiber?

So I did. The result is you can tie a fly 20cm long. Very fluffy and it worked quite well attracting big pike in lake.

Hook: TMC 202 SP (one in picture is 3/0)
Tail: A pinch of bucktail (tied to keep fiber ride on top)
Body & belly: Enrico Puglisi Fiber white
Back: Enrico Puglisi Fiber oliver
Scale: Krystal Flash
Eye: 3D eyes

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