Poodle Fly – Dry/Emerger

2011/9/7 Poodle Fly – Dry/Emerger

Gamakatsu is fishing hook expert and probably the most innovative brand when it comes to fly hook as well. Gamakatsu C14-BV adopt the design from traditional hook for mountain trouts with unique short shunk on the top where you could dress a little and vertical eye to help you knot your fly with ease.

Gamakatsu C14-BV

This unique shape gives enough space to tie 2 flies into one. Poodle fly is a combination of parachute and midge emerger.

Fish see the ball shape nymph part just under the surface while parachute part keeps the fly stay afloat even in choppy water. Ideal for fishing in mountain stream where trout tend to hide under rough water or too wary to come all the way to surface.

You could change the lower section with variety of nymph dub.

Poodle Fly – Peacock

– Hook: Gamakatsu C14-BV #18
– Thread: monofilamanet

Lower Section
– Body: strands of peacock herl wrapped to form a ball
– Please whip finish to create enough distance away from upper section

Upper Section
–  Thread: monofilament
– Parachute post: Tiemco Aero Wing orange
– Hackle: grizzly cock saddle
– I don’t use dubbing for no need to cosmetic application, but you could

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