Cajun Spoon Fly

2014/1/11 Cajun Spoon Fly

There is a fashionable fly pattern which works the trick to popular Red Fish. Various source claim who designed the original pattern, but the fact remains that Louisiana where flyfishing is enjoyed in both warmwater and saltwater is the home of this Cajun style fly pattern.


Out of all these fly patterns in the world, Cajun Spoon Fly is probably one of the sexiest patterns. Within my experience in saltwater fly fishing, it is the best looking fly. When it comes to the action of fly,  wobbling action of spoon generated by the cup creates vibration in water which attract fish. It is recommended to tie with a tail which teases fish visually like a  dancer in Mardi Gras.

There are several ways to produce spoon fly in shaping spoon-like shell which act as blade to give actions. I produce them using 2 methods for ease of tying.

1. Wires Spoon Fly

One way to form a shell is to build wire frame first then plaster epoxy with surface tension. You could mix epoxy with variety of additives such as glitter to give desirable look.


I like to tie it this way the best, for it gives you a pleasure of playing with candy-like epoxy while you enjoy watching how beautiful it turns out to be. You could add wire to build larger shell, but this method best works in small to medium size.

2. Cut Sheet Spoon Fly

Another way to form a shell is to use cut sheet with tag ends. You tie it to the shank then coat it over with epoxy to lock it in place.


This is better way to tie, if you want to make it very shiny which depends on what sheet you choose to use. Also, this way helps you tie very thin and durable shell.

3. Other Ways?

I have tried “mylar tube” spoon fly which I think is outdated ever since the appearance of above 2 methods.

4. Application of This Fly?

Limitless. It worked on bass and trout the same. It works on saltwater fish who is usually not attracted to fly such as breams. 

  • martyn white
    Posted at 23:01h, 04 January

    i love spoons. they are great for all species.
    for small size spoon fly use the fake fingernails that women put on their fingers

  • neversink
    Posted at 04:39h, 23 January

    Fingernail! Good idea!

    May I ask how you buy them… you know… it’s not as easy buying
    woman’s item in this country.

    My wife would suspect me that I would go cross dressing.

    What the hell, I will try.