Youzawa Trout Stream – Akiruno, Tokyo

15 Nov Youzawa Trout Stream – Akiruno, Tokyo


Youzawa Trout Stream was founded in 1955 by the joint effort between 2 Japanese pioneer in fly fishing: Gyoshin Suzuki and Nanrei Meiji; and American officer Thomas Lester Breakmore (1915-1994) working for the legal department of the General Head Quarter (American occupation force). It was founded as the first international game fishery under the GHQ’s lesure program, firstly for American officers and Japanese game fishers.

On many occasions, you find the word kokusai meaning “international” before the name of paid fishery all over Japan. It is all due to how Youzawa was founded.

Today, Youzawa Trout Stream is managed by the local community and keeps its beauty and popularity among many metropolitan fly fishers.


Rainbow trout, cherry salmon, white-spotted char, and brown trout.

Open Hours and Season

March 1st – October 31st (September 30th for yamame salmon)

Fishing Permit & Regulation

4,500JPY/day (bag limit at 10)
3,000JPY/half day (bag limit at 5)


Please pay at admission office by the stream.

Phone: 042-596-5108


Access by Train (from Tokyo Station)

  • From Shinjuku Sation, take JR Chuo Line to Tachikawa Station
  • Switch to JR Oume Line and goto Haijima Station (5 stops)
  • Switch to JR Itsukaichi Line and stay until the last stop Musashi-Itsukaichi Station (6 stops)
  • Take a bus #15 bound to “Kami-yozawa” then get off at “Motosu”
  • Walk about 100m and find the fishing lodge (office is burnt down, so there should be a tent)