Shiokaze Park, Tokyo

2010/11/4 Shiokaze Park, Tokyo

Shiokaze Park is located in Tokyo Bay Area right next to Odaiba, popular entertainment spot.




Current created by the mouth of Sumida River is joined by several other current coming out of canals are meeting in this part of bay. Northern side of Shiokaze Park is adjacent to no-fishing zone made of small rocky area which is a primal source of baitfish.

I usually fish the northern side of the park where dock is or the southern most side next to Maritime Museum where another dock is, for seabass react better to flies in structure than cruising. If you aim for cruising seabass instead, you should know that the bottom is 2m shallow for 10m off the edge of park then goes deeper about 5-7m into deeper zone where traffic of ships are.


Rockfish and seabass. I have seen small mackerel swimming on surface, but not sure they reside around here permanently.


Shiokaze Park has 2 parking lots.

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