Kosuge River – Village of Kosuge, Yamanashi

2012/11/15 Kosuge River – Village of Kosuge, Yamanashi


Kosuge River, the backwater of Lake Okutama, is the most upstream tributary of Tama River flows into Tokyo Bay. It runs through Village of Kosuge, one of the earliest hutchery for yamame/cherry salmon and the first place to set catch & release zone in Japan.

From downstream (backwater of the lake) to upstream, you see C&R zone (, regular zone (no bag limit), village-owned stocked fishery for raibow trouts, and then limit zone with bag limit of 5.


Cherry salmon, Nikko white-spotted char, and rainbow trout.

Open Hours and Season

March 1st – September 30th

Fishing Permit & Regulation

800JPY/day (C&R to bag limit 10)

Information: Kosuge Gyokyo

Phone: 0428-87-0741
Website: http://www.ac.cyberhome.ne.jp/~slalom/kosuge/kosugeriver.html 



Access by Train (from Tokyo Station)

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