Kanogawa River

2010/11/15 Kanogawa River

Kanogawa River runs through Izu Penninsula into Suruga Bay. Kanogawa is known as the origin of tomozuri or decoy fishing for ayu.


Raibow trout, red spotted masu trout, dace, and ayu.

Open Season

– Main Stream: March 1st – May 19th
– Tributary: May 20th – September 30th

Fishing Permit & Regulations

– 1,100JPY/day, 6,000JPY/year
– Single hook only


– Kanogawa Fishing Associations: http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~kanogawa/
– Kanogawa Information: http://www.cbr.mlit.go.jp/numazu/kanogawa/
– Live Camera: http://mlit-numazu.go.jp/area_select.html

  • Megan
    Posted at 14:01h, 27 January

    My husband and I just moved to Japan. We love fly fishing and were hoping to find a good place to go here. Kanogawa River sounds like a good place to start because it would only a couple hours to get to for us I think. Can anyone tell me how we would and where we would get the fishing license for the area?

    • neversink
      Posted at 07:17h, 28 January

      Hi Megan,

      It will be sold by Kanogawa Gyokyo
      License Fee: 1,100JPY/day 6,000JPY/year
      Open Season: 1 March – 19 May for main stream, 20 May- 30 September for tributaries

      If you drive near that river, you should find convenient stores selling license on behalf of Gyokyo.

      You should remember few Japanese such as “ma-sue” for trout and “you-gyo-ken” for license or permit.
      In case you are asked by the river keepers. They are friendly, so no worries.