Itou, Shizuoka

2010/11/4 Itou, Shizuoka

City of Ito sits within Izu Penninsula which is about 2 hours driving away from metropolitan Tokyo. Location is quite fit for fishing from offshore salt water game to small creek fresh water game. My favorite location of “complete angling”.


Ito Bay

Ito Bay opens its mouth towards larger Sagami Bay which attracts many species from seabream to dolphnfish. Shallow becomes deep at 30m line then gradual drop between 40-50m in the middle of the bay.

There are several boat house who lend you row boat, and if you have liscense you could rent out engine boat as well. Tide is little upward in the morning, then changes to mild around noon. Blue runners in the fit season pass by this bay around noon, so you could pretty much start late, if you like.

Ito Marine Town

Great location with restaurants, hot spring, and parking space where they let you stay overnight. It is adjustent to marina which is off limit to fishing, however, you could enjoy the great show of oceanic creatures in the night when they light up the dock.

It’s located at the northern edge of Ito Bay, so you should make these 2 combos to enjoy fishing and accomodation afterwards.

Port Ito (updated)

Just like many other ports on the estern side of Izu, Port Ito houses verious small fish. I caught small jack mackerel and gnomefish.

Lake Ippekiko

Only natural lake in Izu Penninsula. Bass and bluegilss. Please see details here.

Lake Matsukawako & Matsukawa River

Reservoir and its backwater hosting raibow trout, red-spotted trout, and char. Please see details here.

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