Singapore’s Fishing Pond – Pasir Ris, Singapore

2010/12/8 Singapore’s Fishing Pond – Pasir Ris, Singapore

Some asked me for more research on this topic, and I’m fascinated by the fact there could be any type of theme park produced to delivery funs to people. I’ll keep my book open for this for they are all simple flight away from Tokyo and taxi away from Changi Airport which could mean that you could be there in one weekend and come back to Toko.

Kyoto Haven Sport Fishing Pro Pond

There is another pond that came into my rador and this one has GT and Drum!
Seemed to be opened in 2009, recreational fishing pond in the fishing haven of Singapore, Pasir Ris.

No. 30, Pasir Ris Coast Park 3
Singapore 518455

Tel: 65838216


Pasir Ris Pond

As I have been researching what fishing opportunities await in places easy flight away from Tokyo, I have come across several anglers in Singapore. From sensible fly angler who prefers rather quiet style of fising to active gangs of lure fishing, they have pointed out that one should pay a visit at least once to Singapore’s renown fish ponds.


Tel: +65 584 4479

Pasir Ris Drive 1
Pasir Ris Town Park
Singapore 510001

Train Station:
Pasir Ris


FW Pond



70 Pasir Ris Farmway 3S (518234)


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