Island of Okinawa, Okinawa

2010/11/19 Island of Okinawa, Okinawa

Okinawa is the southern most chain of islands in Japan next to Taiwan. Its climate is sub-tropical and the island is surrounded by coral reef and sandy beaches. Due to having bases of US armed forces, many area deflect over development which contributes the preservation of wild life.

1. Inner Coral Reef

Many of the coastline is composed of beach and inner coral reef which locals call “Inno” which is a cradle of many fish. This creates a shallow pool while outside rim is stretched far away where drop off is formed.

Scavenger type of fish feeds actively on ascending tide to cover as much underwater bottom as possible. Predatory fish hunts actively on descending tide when small weak fish cannot outswim them.

2. Rocky Reef

Some coast in the northern part of island is made of rocky reef which creates a drop off without much coral reef in between. This gives much easier access to target pelagic fish such as dorado and mackerel tuna

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