A Tiger? In Africa?

2014/11/8 A Tiger? In Africa?

Yes, really, there is a tiger in Africa. Tiger Fish that is.
In case, you never heard of this fish, please watch this video first:

Fly Fishing for Tiger Fish


Tiger Fish are native to Southern Africa and found frequenting river systems in Africa too. They are aggressive fresh water game fish with large teeth and they will eat just about anything that moves. Photograph is Andrew catching one with 5wt sinking line with 25 pond leader. However, in normal circumstances, 5wt is far too small for this fish. Normally you would need a 9wt. Other larger Tiger fish can be found in Tanzania’s’ river systems – this species grows up to 25ponds while the Goliath Tiger (found in the Congo) grows up to 160 pounds.


About Guided Trip

As we live in South Africa, we need to travel up to Zimbabwe or Botswana to catch Tiger fish. A typical trip would cost us around $1500 including flights and accommodation and 3 meals a day. We do have tiger fish in South Africa, but believe it or not, they are only found in one section of SA, hence we opt to travel up into Africa to catch them. The “Pongola” pic is a very large South African tiger fish caught the  same place (in SA) I caught mine – The Pongola River.  They can get very big.



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