Fly Fishing in Malaysia

15 Nov Fly Fishing in Malaysia

There have been many unique fly fishing spots where I visited from large mouth bass in central park, New York to raibow trout in the moat of Tokyo. None of these places are not ordinary “nature” spot, but fish do live in man-made environment (in case you don’t know, New York’s central park is man-made nature park).

One day, Funtail’s Ishikawa-san told me about his trial on Singapore’s peacock bass in reservor which made me wonder what it is like to fly fish in Asia outside Japan. Taimen of Mongolia or lenock of Korea are easily imaginable, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I learnt about fishing in Malaysia which is only right next door to Singapore.

1. Peacock Bass

Peacock bass began to appear in the game fishing in Malaysia since the 90’s and now it is said that the habitat is nationwide spreading to Thailand, Singapore, and Philippines.

Peacock Bass Fishing – 60+ fish caught and released in one day


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Wild at heart fly anglers in Malaysia.

Fish Pond with GT and Snakeheads?

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