Fly Fishing in Malaysia

2010/11/15 Fly Fishing in Malaysia

There have been many unique fly fishing spots where I visited from large mouth bass in central park, New York to raibow trout in the moat of Tokyo. None of these places are not ordinary “nature” spot, but fish do live in man-made environment (in case you don’t know, New York’s central park is man-made nature park).

One day, Funtail’s Ishikawa-san told me about his trial on Singapore’s peacock bass in reservor which made me wonder what it is like to fly fish in Asia outside Japan. Taimen of Mongolia or lenock of Korea are easily imaginable, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I learnt about fishing in Malaysia which is only right next door to Singapore.

1. Peacock Bass

Peacock bass began to appear in the game fishing in Malaysia since the 90’s and now it is said that the habitat is nationwide spreading to Thailand, Singapore, and Philippines.

Peacock Bass Fishing – 60+ fish caught and released in one day


Malaysian Fishing Net Forum/Fly Fishing

Wild at heart fly anglers in Malaysia.

Fish Pond with GT and Snakeheads?

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  • Kelvin
    Posted at 22:51h, 24 November

    Hi there

    First of all, congratulations on the migration to the new blog — it looks much slicker.

    I’m based in Hong Kong but have been fly fishing in Malaysia last three seasons. One place you might want to look into is Kuala Rompin on the eastern side of Peninsula Malaysia. Best time of the year is September / October. Expect to see up to 100 Sailfish a day, have 20-30 fish in the teaser, 10-20 shots and if you’re lucky, hooking and landing a few. The record set there for most Sails on a fly out of one boat in a day is 16. It’s hands down the best place in Asia for Sailfish.


  • Renting in Singapore
    Posted at 19:39h, 17 June

    Yes, Malaysia is pretty much the angling capital of Asia. Some patches off Rompin are thick with sailfish, literally. Plus the all the usual suspects can be found off the East Coast too, mackerel, dorado, barracuda, tuna, golden trevally, wahoo, sharks, queenfish, cobia, snapper and various types of grouper

    And now, fly-fishing too, is gaining momentum here.

    With the countless still untouched small rivers and streams, the Tanjung Resang area for instance, just north of mersing, is ideal for fly-fishing.

    Toman, various carp species and catfish for instance, are targeted here with great relish.

    The way to catch these is to cast your fly exactly under overhanging trees. It’s a sure-fire way to entice the ever-coiled-as-a-spring predators from their dark den. The strike is usually explosive, the ensuing runs absolutely mind-blowing.

    Sure, we lose a fly every now and again to our quarry and the terrain, but it’s the price to pay for making the best memories a few dollars can buy.

    And since fly-fishing here has yet to take off in a major way, the fish are big, bad and angry.

    Tight lines!