Bonefishing Only a Flight Away – Oahu, Hawaii, US

2010/12/8 Bonefishing Only a Flight Away – Oahu, Hawaii, US

Blue sky, coral reef, and game fish in shallow. Surrounded by 360 degree absolute beauty of tropical scenery, you search for the moment when elusive shape of fish appears and you make that one cast for one chance.

Come to the island of Oahu in Hawaii which is only 8 hours direct fly away from Tokyo. Hawaii? Yes, the Hawaii. I’m not talking about the Bahamas or the Saychelles 18+ hours of long flight, painful transits, and so much English speech away. Communication in Hawaii is so easy, that you could go about anywhere with minimal English. If you are still worried, you could book everything with Japanese speaking personnel who are plenty.

Meeting Your Bonefish

Kind of bonefish live in the island of Hawaii are known as “green back” bonefish who swim in perfect camouflage, in fact, you won’t see one swimming right by you, if you don’t have eye to see it. Even you do have an eye, all you see is green within green. In tough season when bonefish don’t show much of appearance, it is absolutely essential to find the fish.

Meet Capt. Mike Hennessy who guides your fishing with choices of foot or flat boat with long experience making many happy smiles on anglers. From boat, you take good advantage of high ground from which things look more like….


This. This is now called “sight fishing”.

Mike Hennessy: Angling Guide

Mike is global game fishing expert who has fished world wide for variety of game fish in fresh/salt water.  He knows the water of Oahu thoroughly and he could widen your scope of fishing adventure with his rich background. You will make your own bonefish story. Mike will enrich your horizon with his untold stories only available when going fishing with him.

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