Tokyo Bay Central Reclamation Site- man made island

2011/5/18 Tokyo Bay Central Reclamation Site- man made island

Tokyo Bay Central Reclamation Site sits on the southern most part of chain of man made islands in Tokyo Bay opposite of Haneda Airport. It’s now connected with under sea tunnel from Shinagawa and with Tokyo Gate Bridge from Wakasu.

Where you can fish is on the jetties of North Island. One that let casting fisherman go is known as Blue Light Jetty sitting near Tokyo Gate Bridge and it’s 450m long.

View to the northern end.

View to the southern end adjacent to the main part of North Island.


Sea perch, Sea bream, Rockfish, and Fat Greenling
Jacks and mackerels during autumn


There is a shuttle boat run by Tsurihachi Otome-maru. Need to make reservation a night before 8pm. Pick up is near Shin-Kiba station.

Tsurihachi Otome Maru – Currently Out of Service

4,000 JPY
6:00 – 17:30



  • Life jacket mandatory
  • Minimum belongings

South Island and Its Recent Issue

Fallout from Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown scatter in high altitude which are gradually collected in water treament plants surrounding Tokyo. These radioactive silt had nowhere left to go, so they come here on South Island which turned into the largest dump site in Tokyo.


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