2012/4/3 Tama River – Upper Section

Tama River originates in mountain springs of Oku Chichibu Mountains. Rain drops pouring into mountains are collected into mountain creeks that merge into Okutama Reservoir.

(View: downstream of Shiromaru Dam)

Stream flows out of the reservoir continues to run towards South East Tokyo completing 138km journey to sea next to Haneda Airport, we know as Tokyo Bay.

(View: downstream of Okutama Fishing Centre)

Upper section of Tama River is commonly called Okutama River which begins from water flowing out of Okutama Reservoir which runs through valley and ends at Hamura Sluice where widened river is split into mid section of Tama River and Tama River Waterworks.

Section good for wet fly is between Hamura Sluice to Kawai Camp Site where river is still  wide. Then it turns into narrow mountain river near Okutama Fishing Centre which is more ideal for dry fly/nymph fishing.

(View: Hamura Sluice)

Fast flowing water without too much urbanization nearby stay pure and cold which make this segment of Tama River ideal habitat for trouts.

Sections Upstream:

Kosuge River, tributary

Sections Downstream:

– Tama River, Middle Section 


Cherry salmon and rainbow trout.
Carp, dace, and chub.
Smallmouth & largemouth bass

2,000 JPY/day upon purchase from ticket machines (ID: 0231625)
2,500 JPY/day on sight
Under 13 are free

River Map

Outama River Map (Japanese)