Fish Up Lake Akikawa – Akiruno, Tokyo

2017/11/17 Fish Up Lake Akikawa – Akiruno, Tokyo


Okutama Fishing Centre is trout fishery uses part of Okutama River just below Kawai Dam.


Rainbow trout, cherry salmon, and white-spotted char.

Open Season & Hours

7am – 5pm
Late November til mid May


4,700JPY/full-day, 3,800 JPY/6 hours, 3,100JPY/ 3 hours


Please pay at admission office.


Access by Train

From Shinjuku Station, take Chuo Line to Tachikawa.
From Tachikawa Station, take Oume Line to Akikawa Station.
Take the bus bound to Tokyo Summerland
Get off at Tokyo Summerland bus stop
Call 042-558-5861 for pick up shuttle (only available between 10am – 5pm)